Monday, August 11, 2008

The last few weeks have been hard. Alex has been away so much and then I got into a small car accident...UGH! Thank goodness for my mother, she is being so supportive right now.

My cycles have been so messed up that I just couldn't stand it anymore. A few days ago I broke down and made an appointment with my doctor for today. I feel much better now that I went, the doctor was very reassuring. So for the next few weeks Alex and I are having some tests done, nothing serious, just blood work and ultrasounds to make sure that nothing is seriously wrong. If everything checks out we are going to continue with our plan to try and conceive naturally and if there is something wrong then we will rethink our plans.

Alex is in Ottawa right now, so I'm going to go watch Law and Order (as usual) and relax, my work week starts tomorrow (blah) and then i will be back to stressing out. I'll update again soon.

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