Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i really don't like being at the doctors office....

So I had to go in for a blood glucose something something test today....ugh. I had to go to the doctors office at 9am and not eat or drink anything, get blood taken, drink a nasty orange, sugar drink in under 5 min and then sit in the waiting room for 2 hours until they can take my blood AGAIN! Needless to say it sucked. And after all that I have to wait to see if there is something wrong. I am also scheduled for and ultrasound on monday to make sure that everything is good in that area, but i'm really not looking forward to it. I just wish we could have done it all in one day and get it over with.

It was our one year anniversary yesterday, Alex gave me a beautiful emerald pendant and took me shopping. He's such a sweetheart!

Alex has to bring his 'sample' (if you know what i mean) to the hospital tomorrow or thursday to be tested as well. I hope everything is alright, i think he would get pretty depressed if something was wrong in that dept.....

and that's that. I am totally pooped out from all the running around i did today, i'm going to watch law and order and wait for alex to come home from work. BYE!

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