Tuesday, July 29, 2008

babies are everywhere!

I am starting to get a handle on all this baby stuff. I have two good friends that are pregnant right now and I've figured out the best way to get over the jealousy of it all. The secret is to buy and make them stuff for their kids. Simple as that. The more crochet blankets I make and give away the better I feel. I (stupidly) bought a stroller last year because I was on this shopping binge and I was convinced I would be preggo within a few months and today I just gave it away. I feel great!!! It make my friend feel so happy (she had a nasty hand me down stroller) and in turn I feel amazing about it, and my best friend had her baby shower on Sunday and I gave her a great gift (most of the stuff was hand made). Now all I want to do is knit/ crochet baby stuff and give everything away. There will be tons of baby stuff that I will think is cool when I eventually get pregnant so why am I hoarding tons of shit I can't use for another 10+ months??? (depending on how long this ends up taking us...)

I know our days is coming, I just feel good about it. I have a doctors appointment on August 11th just to make sure that I am in good health and that nothing odd is going on with all of my baby-making parts. Then on the same day I have an appointment to finish my half sleeve, luck cat tattoo on my left arm. I think August 11th will be a good day!

Also, I started a new job yesterday and I love it, all the girls I work with are awesome and even though Alex is away in Ottawa until Friday (and i'm kinda lonely) I am still feeling pretty good about everything.

Here is to thinking positivley! CHEERS!

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